A demo of Metaphor: ReFantazio was available at Atlus Fes: Here are our impressions on the mechanics found in the battle system.
Atlus Fes 2024, an event to commemorate Atlus' 35th anniversary, was held in Akihabara, Tokyo on the weekend of 8-9 June 2024.
Check out this roundup of trailers for Japanese games shown at Summer Game Fest 2024!
The yuri-themed dungeon crawler RPG Witch & Lilies got an early access released on Steam on 24 May 2024: Read about the game here.
One-inch Tactics, a new hex-tiled turn-based mecha strategy game by Kogado Studio in the vein of old-school wargames has been announced.
Check out some of the fantastic cosplay seen at Niconico Chokaigi 2024!
Niconico Chokaigi is a celebration of Japan’s largest social video website's community and culture; check out photos from Chokaigi 2024 here!
No Promises to Keep was written in Japanese, and the official translation diverges from the original lyrics: Check out a direct translation.
Kitase Yoshinori and Nomura Tetsuya discuss the climax of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and the final game in the Remake Project.
FFVII Rebirth and the last game in the trilogy are discussed by Kitase Yoshinori (producer) and Nomura Tetsuya (creative director).