This week’s Famitsu features an interview with Matsuyama Hiroshi of Cyber Connect 2 (CC2).


In this interview, Matsuyama says in this day and age, it has become difficult for a single video game on its own to become a large phenomenon; Users do not play video games because they like the game itself, but because they like the IP, and that as such, the aim of games has to be to have users fall in love with the IP, not the game itself. CC2 intends on taking the stance that video games are, like anime or manga, just another method to promote an IP.


While CC2 has mainly focused on developing games as a contractor and still does have projects in this vein, the company has also launched a project to self-publish small scale games with short-term projects. There are currently three large contracted games and three self-owned games under development. The current 200 staff are working at full capacity on these, and there are plans to expand to 300 within the next two years.

The three titles under development are:

Senjou no Fuga (戦場のフーガ/”Fugue on the Battlefield”)
Main themes are war, vengeance, and furries. A game in the vein of Tail ,Concerto and Solatorobo, in which the player takes control of a group of eleven children whose parents were kidnapped by the Berman Empire, who take control of a giant tank. A strategy RPG with shooting and roguelike elements.

Tokyo Ogre Gate (刀凶百鬼門/Toukyou Hyakkimon)
Main themes are school girls, vengeance, and steampunk. A high-speed action game set in a fictional version of Tokyo filled with monsters and magic.

Main themes are gothic lolita, vengeance, and witches. A 2.5D sidescrolling action game in which the player takes control of Cecile, the youngest of four sisters who are forced to take place in a ritual to become witches by their mother, which results in each of them losing the thing most precious to them.




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