The Nintendo Switch versions of the Rockman Classics Collection (Megaman Legacy Collection) have been announced. Previously released in two separate parts on various other consoles, the Switch version will get three different releases, as “Rockman Classics Collection 1” (containing games 1-6), “Rockman Classics Collection 2” (containing games 7-10), and “Rockman Classics Collection 1+2” (containing games 1-10).

Both individual versions will be download-only, will 1+2 will contain a game card for Collection 1 and a download code for Collection 2.

As the Collections only contain numbered titles from the main series, spinoffs like the Gameboy and arcade games, or Rockman & Forte are not included.

Like the 3DS versions, using a Rockman Amiibo will unlock additional challenge stages in the games.


Rockman Classics Collection 1 for the Switch includes the new “rewind” feature which allows players to turn back time a bit and redo difficult portions of the game. Collection 2 will not include this feature.

All three versions will be released on 24th May in Japan.



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