The latest Super Robot Wars live stream revealed new information about the upcoming Super Robot Wars X, as well as a new video.

Amongst other things, the video reveals the game’s original character protagonists, the inclusion of the Nightingale from Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack, and of a combination attack for Mazinkaiser and Mazin Emperor G, the Majin Soukougeki (Mazin Twin Emperor Attack). Additionally, producer Terada Takanobu mentioned in the stream that the Nightingale will be a secret unit, and that he would decline to comment on whether or not Char would betray the player this time.

The original robots and characters revealed are:

  • Protagonist robot Zelguard: An ancient “auto-warlock” with the power to use “dogma” (magic). Designed by Asai Masaki.
  • Iori Iolite: A denizen of the world of Al Warth and deserter from the Magic Church that governs law and order there. Also known as the Iolite Mage, he is strong-willed, serious and has a strong sense of justice, and is on a journey to find what he can do with his dogma. Voiced by Arai Ryouhei and designed by Kouga Yun.
  • Amari Aquamarine: A member of the Magic Church also known as the Aquamarine Mage. Though polite and serious, she can also be weak-willed and timid at times. Nevertheless she is strong at heart, and is on a journey to discover herself. Voiced by Satou Satomi and designed by Kouga Yun.
  • Hopes: A bird-like magic life-form created from dogma. Can speak human tongue, and is on a journey with the protagonist on a quest for knowledge. Helps the protagonist in battle. Voiced by Noda Keiichi and designed by Nakajima Kazue.
  • Warth Deanbell: An enemy robot. Designed by Yatsufusa Tatsunosuke.
  • Celric Obisidian: Pilot of the Warth Deanbell. Voiced by Madono Mitsuaki and designed by Yatsufusa Tatsunosuke.

Super Robot Wars X releases for the Playstation 4 and Vita on 29th March 2018.



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