Takara Tomy has announced the revival of the Zoids series with the new project Zoids Wild, which includes a new video game for the Nintendo Switch.

First created by Tomy in 1982 as a toy series for the American market, up till now the Zoids series had mostly been in hibernation since 2006. Zoids Wild is to be a full-scale revival of the series, encompassing anime, manga, video games (arcade, mobile, and console), licensing, and of course toys, commencing in summer 2018.

At the announcement event, Takara Tomy stated that the series will be extended not just throughout Japan but throughout the rest of the world as well.  While the main target group of the series will be boys around age 10, adult men in their 20s and 30s are also being considered as a secondary target group (people who grew up with the first and second generations of Zoids).

The first toys, Wild Liger and Guilt Raptor, will go on sale in June 2018 for 3000 yen (tax excluded) each. The anime series will start airing in summer, and feature CG zoids.



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