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Atlus has announced the last Sekaiju no Meikyuu (Etrian Odyssey) game for the Nintendo 3DS as Sekaiju no Meikyuu X (with X read as “Cross”, referring to how the game is a cross between all previous entries in the series), with a trailer.

Official website:


The game takes place on the distant island of Lemuria, and the trailer shows off new NPCs Persephone (voiced by Sakamoto Maaya), Birgitta (Uchida Maaya) and returning characters Wiglaf (Fukami Rika) and Silica (Saitou Chiwa), as well as numerous player characters from all of the previous games in the main series, including 3 which is the only title in the series not available on the 3DS (1-3 were originally released for the DS, but 1-2 had remakes released on the 3DS). X also introduces the new job class, Hero. The home base is the flying city Maginia, an airship that houses a city, which is featured in the key visuals used in the trailer and website.

The official website confirms that 19 classes will be playable (localized names are in parentheses)

Returning from 1/2:

  • Bushido (Ronin)
  • Paladin (Protector)
  • Medic
  • Ranger (Survivalist)

Returning from 2:

  • Doctor Magus (War Magus)
  • Gunner

Returning from 3:

  • Shinobi (Ninja)
  • Shogun
  • Zodiac
  • Prince/princess (Sovereign)

Returning from 4:

  • Mystic
  • Nightseeker
  • Swordsman (Landsknecht)
  • Imperial

Returning from Shin (Untold) 1:

  • Highlander

Returning from 5:

  • Reaper (Harbinger)
  • Cestus (Pugilist)


  • Hero

From what is seen in the trailer, gameplay is the same standard first person dungeon crawling with map drawing seen in the main series. The option to customise player character portraits and voices from 5 also returns, as does the option to select from multiple difficulty levels (Picnic, Basic, Expert, and Heroic). There is also a new feature allowing the player to replace characters’ job class names with custom titles. The website further emphasises that the game will have a greater amount of dungeon crawling than ever before, and confirms the return of subclasses and force boost/force break.

The game will be released on 2nd August 2018, and early purchases will include the DLC “New Adventurer Illustration Pack”, a set of alternate portraits for the Farmer, Gunner, Nightseeker, and Medic, and one special collaboration portrait from Atlus’ “PROJECT Re FANTASY”.

The game’s staff as listed on the website is as below:

  • Director: Komori Shigeo
  • Character design: Himukai Yuuji
  • Composer: Koshiro Yuuzou
  • Monster design: Nagasawa Shin

Both physical and digital versions of the game are priced at 6,480 yen (excluding tax).



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