Atlus announced the last Sekaiju no Meikyuu (Etrian Odyssey) game for the Nintendo 3DS as Sekaiju no Meikyuu X (with X read as “Cross”, referring to how the game is a cross between all previous entries in the series), with a trailer and website on Tuesday, 10th April 2018.

Official website:
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This week’s issue of Famitsu reveals further details regarding the game.


Etrian Odyssey X takes place on the island of Lemuria, which is perpetually surrounded by rough waters and thick clouds. The princess Persephone called upon adventurers from around the world- Etria of the east, High Lagaard of the north, and faroff Tharsis- To gather on the flying city Maginia, which after a long and tribulant journey lands on Lemuria, where the adventurers are to seek the great treasure left behind by an ancient civilization said to lie at the foot of the great world-tree.

The new Hero class is said to be a front-line class capable of both offense and defense, wielding a sword and shield. It learns skills that help out party members, and is also capable of exceptionally strong attacks “that make it hard to believe that one person is carrying them out”. Screenshots show the Hero using a skill called “Mirage Sword” which results in an “after-image” appearing, but no further details are given.

True to the title of X (Cross), the game is a crossover of previous games in the series, and this expands to the system level, which takes the good parts from multiple games and combines them into one: Subclasses from 3 and 4, the character customization features from 5, and the force system from Shin (Untold) 2, for example.

Travelling between dungeons is done via a world map. The first dungeon of the game is revealed as the “Mausoleum of the East”, and it is also mentioned that as the player advances in the game, multiple dungeons reminiscent of those from previous games will appear as well, albeit with completely different layouts. Why these dungeons exist in Lemuria is a mystery to be solved.

Profiles of the town NPCs are also in the article:

  • Vivian (voiced by Nagatsuma Juri): The girl at the front desk of the inn “Lady of the Lake”. She only works because her parents force her to, and otherwise lives a lazy life with her cat Merlin. Resting, saving, and item storage is done at the inn, as usual.
  • Napier (Sakura Ayane): A woman who runs a store in the ocean city of Armoroad, she boarded Maginia upon hearing of Lemuria and runs Napier’s Firm here as well. Her store sells equipment, consumable items, and also serves as a smith.
  • Quasil (Ootsuka Houchuu): The man who runs Quasil’s Tavern, known for tall tales. Accepting quests and information-seeking is done at the tavern.
  • Muller (Ootsuka Akio): A member of the Maginian army, and master of the adventurers’ guild taking charge of members of the expedition. Always calm, and can be unsparing, especially when the situation calls for it. Registring new adventurers and editing parties is done at the adventurers’ guild.
  • Persephone (Sakamoto Maaya): The princess of Maginia, in charge of the expedition headquarters. She is the one who gathered adventurers from around the world to seek the treasure of Lemuria. The headquarters is what issues important missions to the guild.
  • Other characters from previous games such as Wiglaf (Fukami Rika) and Silica (Saitou Chiwa) also appear as NPCs in the town or in dungeons, and in some cases will also join the player’s party.

Sekaiju no Meikyuu X will be released in Japan on 2nd August 2018, with physical and digital versions of the game are priced at 6,480 yen (excluding tax). Non-Japanese versions of the game have not yet been announced.

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