Seikimatsu Days: Our Era’s End has been announced for iOS and Android. The game is being worked on together by DeNA and the developers of the Mysterious Dungeon series Spike Chunsoft, and will be released in summer 2018.

Official website:

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, and is a roguelike RPG with randomly-generated dungeons and turn-based battles where the player controls a party of up to four characters. Numerous options can be modified by the player, including toggling autosaving, number of characters the player controls, movement priority, and movement speed.

While no details on the story itself are as of yet available, character profiles are available on the official site.

  • Amagiri Aoi (voiced by Furukawa Makoto): The protagonist. A junior in Kaminiwa high school, his left eye was injured by the special mineral Omoikane on judgement day, causing him to awaken as a Resonator with supernatural powers. He is trusted by many due to his honest personality, and looks for his missing sister while working to restore Tokyo.
  • Shimozuma Momo (Hayami Saori): One of Aoi’s classmates. Because she grew up watching her parents, who run a small neighbourhood clinic, she is skilled at treating the sick and wounded. While she prefers to avoid conflict, she can be firm if the objective is to save people. Like Aoi, she became a Resonator on judgement day.
  • Hitori Akane (Kobayashi Yuu): A senior in Kaminiwa high school, and ace of the girls’ softball team. Skilled at both studies and sports, she seems aloof, she is actually sensitive and gentle. Her single father is busy running an old restaurant, and she takes care of home affairs including looking after her young brother in his place. She supports her comrades with her calm demeanor and power as a resonator.
  • Hazama Nitori (Suzuki Tatsuhisa): A junior in Kaminiwa and Aoi’s pal, whose family runs a big IT company. Good with computers and machines. Though teased for being cowardly at times, he is clever and also has physical prowess from being a basketball player. He fights to protect his friends despite being a regular human.

A beta test on Android with 5000 players will be carried out from 19-26 April 2018.



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