The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed further details regarding Etrian Odyssey X’s new Hero job class.

The Hero class is described as a class that can handle both offence and defence, that learns many skills that help other party members while remaining capable of powerfult assaults, and it is also stated that the Hero’s ultimate power is their Force Break.

The below four Hero abilities were revealed in the issue:

  • Mirage Sword (skill): Long range attack on one enemy, that has a high chance of creating an after-image
  • Regiment Rave (skill): Attacks a single enemy with a combination of close range cutting and fire elemental damage at the end of the turn, and increases in power based on the amount of damage dealt by allies on that turn
  • Brave Heart (force boost): Increases after-image creation chances and damage dealt by after-images greatly for 3 turns
  • Miracle Edge (force break): Attacks all enemies with close range cutting damage, and heals all allies past the point of max HP

UPDATE (1st May 2018): Further clarifications and information on the Hero’s abilities have been made available.

There is a chance for an after-image to be created whenever the Hero uses an attack skill, after learning the passive skill “zan’ei” (残影). The after-image takes up an empty party slot (it does not use a separate row like the summons in 5). The after-image uses the same skill the Hero had used on the following turn, and then usually vanishes (it is suggested that there may be things that change this).

UPDATE (2nd May 2018): A new video on the Hero class has been released. It has been added above.


Sekaiju no Meikyuu X will be released in Japan on 2nd August 2018, with physical and digital versions of the game are priced at 6,480 yen (excluding tax). Non-Japanese versions of the game have not yet been announced.

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