The profiles of several new NPCs in Etrian Odyssey X have been revealed.

  • Marco (voiced by Kawanishi Kengo): And observant and knowledgeable adventurer who forms a guild partnered with Oliver. Unlike Oliver, he is careful and prudent.
  • Oliver (Kawahara Yoshihisa): A muscular and jolly adventurer who forms a guild partnered with Marco, who came to Lemuria seeking the treasure.
  • Rob (Saitou Souma): A quiet and serious young man who came to Lemuria as an adventurer. He seems worried about Charis.
  • Charis (Ishigami Shizuka): A bright and cheerful lady who came to Lemuria as an adventurer. She uses a shield, but her skill with it still has room for improvement. What she has to do with Rob has been yet to be revealed.
  • Leo (Murase Ayumu): A boy who came to Lemuria as an adventurer. Gloomy and brusque, he explores the dungeons alone. His motives have something to do with his past.
  • Birgitta (Uchida Maaya): A novice adventurer met early on, she seeks the player’s help when she runs into trouble while looking for herbs in the dungeon.

It is also mentioned that Marco and Oliver are met in the second dungeon of EOX, which is also the first dungeon of EO4, the Lush Woodlands. The reason for there being dungeons of the past existing in Lemuria is said to be a mystery of its ancient civilization.

Update (17 May 2018): More NPCs have been revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu.


Other people, including sailors led by the “Sailor Princess” Enrica, reached the island of Lemuria through other means, and also seek the treasure there.

  • Enrica (Voiced by Han Megumi): The “Sailor Princess” who leads a people who live off the sea, and leads the sailors seeking the treasure. The shaman adventurer Artelinde seems to be under her employment as well.
  • Artelinde (Kojima Sachiko): An adventurer from High Luggard. While young, her shamanistic skills are said to be unparalleled. She travels with her partner Kurogane Jr.
  • Kurogane Jr.: Artelinde’s pet wolf.
  • Brod (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu): A cheerful young adventurer who reached Lemuria through his own means, also seeking the treasure.

Sekaiju no Meikyuu X will be released in Japan on 2nd August 2018, with physical and digital versions of the game are priced at 6,480 yen (excluding tax). Non-Japanese versions of the game have not yet been announced.



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