Dengeki Online has reported on new information regarding Etrian Odyssey X.

The game’s world map, the first in the series, will not just allow players access to dungeons and areas to gather materials, but also have events and F.O.E. appearances. There will also be optional mini-dungeons aside from the main ones.

Areas for gathering materials will appear next to cleared dungeons. While skills related to gathering materials are not applied due to them being outside of dungeons, they allow one to gather materials safely.


F.O.E. appearances mostly happen at material gathering areas, and they also move between such areas; When an F.O.E. moves to a new area it also ruins the place making it unusuable for a period of time.

The article also reports on two of the mini-dungeons: The Unexplored Riverhead and Buried Castle Ruins. The player learns of Unexplored Riverhead from Shilleka, who also says that a monster that freely changes its colours can be found there. The player heads to the Buried Castle Ruins alongside Marco and Oliver, and finds that it is filled with the F.O.E. type “Raidenjuu”.

In EOX, there are many cases where an NPC temporarily accompanies the player’s party. These NPCs can help the party in many ways. For example, the medic Birgitta whom the player meets early on in the game will heal the entire party after each battle.

Guild cards return in EOX, along with the QR code function which makes it so that players can trade guild cards freely. The maximum number of guild cards that can be stored has been increased from 40 to 255, and players can now edit the backgrounds and window colours as well. Like in EOV, characters from guild cards can appear in dungeon events.

Sekaiju no Meikyuu X will be released in Japan on 2nd August 2018, with physical and digital versions of the game are priced at 6,480 yen (excluding tax). Non-Japanese versions of the game have not yet been announced.



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