The latest issue of Famitsu includes an interview with Nihon Falcom CEO and producer Kondou Toshihiro regarding Trail of Cold Steel IV (Sen no Kiseki IV -The End of Saga-).

Kondou reveals several details regarding the story. Protagonist Rean Schwarzer, who was captured at the end of the previous game, has lost all of his memories and now cannot even recall his own name, and his regaining his self is an important part of IV’s story. He also meets an older disciple of the Hachiyo school in IV, who has not appeared in the series for some time.

Crow regained his memories at the end of the previous game, but remains as part of the Gnome-Osbourne faction and cannot move freely, but is planning something.


The various unresolved questions revolving around Osbourne such as the reason he caused the Great Twilight, the heart he gave to Rean, and the reason he is the riser of the black Deus Excellion will be revealed in IV. Some things that were mentioned back in Trails in the Sky and left dangling will also be connected with Osbourne and the history of the Erebonian empire. His story with Rean will be concluded here.

Lector and Claire’s resolve to remain with Osbourne despite losing Miriam will be depicted in IV, as they carry out their jobs as the empire prepares for all-out war with Calvard, and both of them also get resolutions to their stories here.

Kondou also says that the main illustration for IV is a compression of multiple parts of the game, and that the sight lines and expressions of the characters indicate their positions in the story. Valimar, Crow next to Rean, and the airship above Muse are particularly important, and he hopes that fans will use their imagination to think about what these mean.

Eiyuu Densetsu: Sen no Kiseki IV -THE END OF SAGA- will be released in Japan on the Playstation 4 on 27th September 2018. No other versions have as of yet been announced.



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