Seikimatsu Days: Our Era’s End, the roguelike RPG being worked on together by DeNA and Spike Chunsoft (developers of the Mysterious Dungeon series), now has pre-registrations open.

Pre-registration page:

Pre-registration is done by following the official Seikimatsu Days accounts on Twitter or Line, or by pre-ordering the game on the App Store or Google Play.


New players will receive rewards depending on how many pre-registrations there are, with the current highest reward being set at 50,000 which will result in players receiving the character Shiren, from the Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer series.

Additionally, Twitter users in Japan can partipate in a draw from illustration boards autographed by the voice actors in the game.

Two other campaigns to be held before the game is released are planned, but have not yet been announced.

Seikimatsu Days: Our Era’s End is set in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, and is a roguelike RPG with randomly-generated dungeons and turn-based battles where the player controls a party of up to four characters. The game will be released on iOS and Android in summer 2018.



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