The latest issue of Famitsu includes an interview with Nihon Falcom CEO and producer Kondou Toshihiro regarding Trail of Cold Steel IV (Sen no Kiseki IV -The End of Saga-).

Kondou reveals details regarding several characters in this interview. Alfin, whose family is split apart, is made to think about what she should do as a member of the royal family, and is seen confronting Cedric. Elise is unable to contact both old and new Class VII, including Rean, and Kondou says that her reaction to the truth behind Rean’s origins are something to look out for. She is also left alone with Patrick at a point.

Towa is separated from everyone else, like the other instructors, and in her case the bonds between her and her old friends will be a highlight. How she handles the situation all on her own is the axis of her story.


Aurelia takes on the role of leader of an armed uprising in IV, but her eccentricities such as a tendency to charge at worthy opponents remain. The reason she serves Mildine, the reason for her moniker, and her connections to a certain person will be revealed in IV. The Weissland Uprising she leads opposes the Imperial army, but is outnumbered and outgunned due to how the army is also allied with Ouroboros, the Iron Breed, and jaegers. How Muse handles this situation is an important key to the story.

The interview concludes with Kondou pointing out how Alfin, Elise, and Towa were previously playable, and that while he cannot reveal any solid details yet, they will help Rean out in some way.

Eiyuu Densetsu: Sen no Kiseki IV -THE END OF SAGA- will be released in Japan on the Playstation 4 on 27th September 2018. No other versions have as of yet been announced.



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