Famitsu has published an interview with Takeuchi Masanori and Ogura Yasunori of From Software regarding the upcoming PS4/Xbox One/PC title Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

The interview starts with the two being asked about how development started on XD. Ogura says that they had actually planned to release the original Xbox version of Metal Wolf Chaos worldwide, but that they cancelled these plans due to it being a sensitive time after 9/11. Takeuchi says that it was Devolver Digital’s half-joking tweet on the subject and the response to it, and Devolver’s approaching From Software that led to the plans for XD.

Takeuchi says that they spent half a year considering the subject, due to the game being 14 years old and them being unsure if players in North America and Europe would like it, and Devolver assured them that the game is loved overseas, telling them that there were people who went all the way to buy original Japanese Xboxes just to upload videos of the game.


The interviewer mentions how Dark Souls was recently remastered as well, and Takeuchi says that this was mere coincidence, and that they do not have plans to remaster everything.

Ogura says that Metal Wolf Chaos XD is more of a straight remaster, and made with people playing it for the first time in mind, but of course with improved graphics such as 16:9 aspect ratio and 4K compatibility. The audio, however, remains the same as the Xbox version’s. Takeuchi adds that the title comes from how they thought “Metal Wolf Chaos HD” seemed uninteresting and they wanted to make it “cooler”.

The interviewer remarks on how the logo on display at Gamescom 2018 has Japanese text remaining in it, and Takeuchi says that he hears that there are many fans of Japanese games overseas who want to enjoy them as Japanese games, and says that the developer told them that leaving Japanese in would raise the brand value.

Takeuchi notes that while From Software makes many games known for their difficulty, Metal Wolf Chaos XD is made to be easily played by people who are not good at action games.

The audio is brought up again, and Takeuchi says that the recording of lines was done not overseas, but in Japan with foreigners who were in Japan at the time. The actor for the protagonist actually diverged from their initial plans of having a calm and cool character, but they found it better than said plans. They did also record lines following the initial version, but came to the conclusion that the more excited version was better.

The interview concludes with Takeuchi saying that XD being released on three platforms means it will be easier for people to play it, and that he hopes many will, and Ogura saying that while many people associate From Software with Dark Souls, Metal Wolf Chaos is something entirely different, and that he hopes people who never played it will give it a try.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD will be released worldwide on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2019.



  1. > they had actually planned to release the original Xbox version of Metal Wolf Chaos worldwide, but that they cancelled these plans after 9/11



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