A countdown website for the upcoming Wild Arms: Million Memories has been opened. New information will be released on a live stream when the timer hits zero, at 9 PM (JST) on friday 31st August 2018.

Official website:
Stream page:

An RPG series that started on the Playstation in 1996, the Wild Arms series, unique for its wild west aesthetic combined with steampunk and science fiction and known for deep and engaging stories, was hugely popular throughout the lifetime of the Playstation and Playstation 2, even getting a TV anime spinoff in 1999, but has been in hibernation since the portable spinoff Wild Arms XF was released for the PSP in 2007.


Million Memories is being overseen by the series’ original designer and writer, Kaneko Akifumi, who writes on the official website that he assures that the game will contain the Wild Arms “taste, mind, and spirit”. The game’s music is also being handled by the series’ original composer, Naruke Michiko. The game will feature characters from previous instalments in the series, and a new story. No further details are as of yet available.

Wild Arms: Million Memories for iOS and Android has been announced for a 2018 release.



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