Famitsu has published a short interview with Daemon X Machina’s producer Tsukuda Kenichirou regarding the latest trailer shown at Gamescom 2018.

Tsukuda confirms that players will be able to modify the Outer (human player character) through upgrades, and that by learning new abilities and skills the Outer will change in shape and form. These skills also affect the player’s Arsenal (robot). He says that players who wish to do so may also go through the game without making any upgrades to the Outer.

The interviewer asks about the human characters shown in the trailer, and Tsukuda says that the first man seen is the default player avatar, and that the two who show up later are key persons to the story.

Tsukuda says that the team is glad that the foreign gaming media has been responding positively to Daemon X Machina as something unique and nothing like existing games for the Nintendo Switch. He also says that they also constantly ask him questions about the setting, especially about the need for having human characters and not just the robots, but that they are usually convinced once he explains the world setting to them. They also ask why he chose the Switch, and he states here as well that because there are so many games recently that are played online where people do not meet each other in person, he wanted to make a game that people would play face-to-face.


When asked about the red background seen in the Gamescom trailer, Tsukuda says that the colours used are supposed to reflect the player’s emotions, and that red is to represent fear of a giant boss enemy. He also talks about the monochrome lightning, mentioning the transition from colour to monochrome pages in Japanese manga as fascinating him and being an inspiration, saying that they wanted to make a game with a unique art style in contrast to the trend of photorealism in video games, and that there are many other attempts at new expressions in the game as well.

The interview concludes with Tsukuda saying that they will be able to release more information on the game in the near future.

Daemon X Machina will be released on the Nintendo Switch in 2019.



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