Square Enix has announced their working on a “new original project”. This is a collaboration between Square Enix and content agency Straight Edge, which various famous light novel writers are affiliated with.

The script is being handled by Kamachi Kazuma, and the character designs by Haimura Kiyotaka. Both are known for their worked on the A Certain Magical Index series. The opening movie is to be made by animation studio Trigger (Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia), and the theme song has been announced as “Future is Mine” by Myth & Roid (a band centered around Tom-H@ck, who handled music for titles such as K-On!).

More information is to be made known on 7th October 2018, at Aki no Dengekisai 2018.

While no further details are as of yet available, the URL of the official website uses the name “11calamaties”.


Official website:
Official Twitter account:
Aki no Dengekisai 2018 website:



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