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Sega Games has released two new trailers for Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon, one for the story and one for the gameplay.

Judge Eyes is the latest game by the Ryuu ga Gotoku studio, and takes place in the same world as the Ryuu ga Gotoku series (localised in the west as the Yakuza series), and is placed in Kamuro-cho with members of the Toujou-kai making appearances. The game also runs on the Ryuu ga Gotoku series’ Dragon Engine.

The player assumes the role of private detective and former lawyer Yagami Takayuki, who takes up a job to investigate serial killings in Kamuro-cho. The game is also notable in how it uses multiple famous real-world actors for its characters’ likenesses (including motion capture) and voices, including former SMAP idol Kimura Takuya who plays protagonist Yagami.

Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon will be released for the PS4 in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea on 13th December 2018. No English releases have as of yet been announced.


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