Nitroplus has announced a release date for the upcoming PC port of classic Lovecraftian super robot visual novel, Kishin Houkou Demonbane.

Originally released on the PC in 2003 as Zanma Taisei Demonbane, the game was ported to the Playstation 2 by Kadokawa in 2004 as Kishin Houkou Demonbane, where it received numerous improvements such as full voice acting for the entire game, additional event stills, and the insertion of various animated sequences. Kishin Houkou Demonbane also later received an anime adaptation in 2006.

Set in a world where science and magic exist side-by-side, Kishin Houkou Demonbane follows Arkham City private detective Daijuuji Kurou, who pilots the giant robot Demonbane alongside his partner Al Azif, the legendary Necronomicon in human form, against the forces of the evil secret society Black Lodge, led by the sinister Master Therion.


Though the original PC release was only partially voiced, Kishin Houkou Demonbane features a full voice cast with famous Japanese voice actors such as Midorikawa Hikaru, Koyasu Takehito, Yao Kazuki, Yamazaki Takumi, Wakamoto Norio, Nakata Jouji, and Hiyama Nobuyuki.

The upcoming PC version of Kishin Houkou is a port of the PS2 version, and will thus include all of the additional content from it.

Kishin Houkou Demonbane for the PC will be released in Japan on 26th April 2019, and will be available in both physical and digital format. A limited physical edition exclusive to the Nitroplus Online Store, which comes with a B2 wall scroll using the new cover art, will also be available. Pre-ordering for the physical versions have already commenced.

Demonbane official 15th anniversary website:



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