Video game software, hardware, and peripheral maker Columbus Circle has announced that they will be re-releasing Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) classic Gley Lancer on cartridge on 6th June 2019.

Official page:

Originally released for the Sega Mega Drive in 1992 by Nippon Computer Systems Corp. (currently known as Masaya), Gley Lancer is a horizontal shooter in which the player can equip one of seven different “Gunner” parts (Gley Lancer’s equivalent of Options from Gradius) and also chooses from one of seven “Mover” options which determines how the Gunner is controlled (shooting in the same direction as the player, shooting in the opposite direction, automatically tracking enemies, following the player around, etc.), allowing for a total of 49 different combinations.

The re-release also has new art for the cartridge and box by the original artist, Aizawa Hiroshi.


This release is not a licensed Sega product, and Columbus Circle does not guarantee the cartridge being compatible with original Mega Drives or Mega Drive compatible hardware made by other companies; The game is only guaranteed for Mega Drive-compatible hardware made by Columbus Circle themselves.

There have been no mention of plans to release the game outside of Japan.



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