Capcom revealed a large amount of new details on upcoming Monster Hunter: World expansion pack Iceborne in a stream on 10th May 2019.

Iceborne will be released worldwide for consoles on 6th September 2019, and on Steam in winter 2019.

As Iceborne is an expansion, players will need to own Monster Hunter: World to be able to play ot. Iceborne will feature a new story taking place after the ending of Monster Hunter: World’s main story. It also introduces the new Master Rank, the equivalent of “G rank” in previous games, placed above High Rank.

New Map


Iceborne’s new map is a snowy forest, and the cold causes stamina to fall easily, which players can prevent by collecting hot peppers to craft and use hot drinks, or by resting in hot springs. The area is also home to many new different types of animals. The stream also confirmed that the map will be the biggest yet in Monster Hunter: World.

New Monsters

The stream shows off how Iceborne introduces the monsters Banbaro, Beotodus, Nargacuga and Velkhana to Monster Hunter: World.

Banbaro appears early on, and is said to have a large variety of interactions with other monsters. Its movements are mostly linear, charging directly at hunters, knocking rocks and trees out of its way with its massive horns. The monster is mostly herbivorous and docile when left alone, and can be observed drinking from hot springs and sunbathing.

Beatodus is the first monster the player meets upon entering the new area, and it dives into and moves through deep snow to chase hunters around, making finding out how to get it out of the snow the key to defeating it. As it can be found in the same areas as the Banbaro, the two monsters can frequently be observed fighting. As a carnivorous monster, Beatodus can be found preying on animals as well.

Nargacuga which was first introduced in Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G returns in Iceborne, appearing near to the halfway point of the story. Nimble and capable of swift attacks like in previous appearances, it uses nostalgic attacks while also having changes made to it. The stream also shows footage of it fighting a Rathalos.

The elder dragon Velkhana is the “main monster” of Iceborne, which uses ice “in special ways”. Further information on Velkhana is to be revealed in future updates.

New Abilities

Iceborne gives the player characters new abilities:

  • The ability to use the slinger with weapons drawn regardless of the type of weapon.
  • The “clutch claw”, which when fired at monsters allows players to grapple directly onto them.
  • The ability to fire all ammo from the slinger when hanging on to a monster’s head, which will force the monster to be blown in the direction the player is facing
  • The ability to fire powered-up shots from the slinger (at the sacrifice of range) which makes it easier to stun monsters, and an example of its application given in the stream is using it to make it easier to land charged attacks with greatswords
  • The ability to fire powered up slinger shots or use the clutch claw while dodging when using dual blades
  • The ability to reload while dodging when using the light bowgun (which requires a new part for the bowgun)

Many new abilities for other weapons are also implemented, which will be revealed at a later date.

Iceborne will be available in the following formats in Japan:

  • As a download (requires the player to own Monster Hunter: World)
  • As part of the digital deluxe edition, which is the download of Iceborne (requires the player to own Monster Hunter: World) and the Iceborne Deluxe kit, which gives the player the “Silver Knight” layered armour set, three new gestures, two new stamp sets, and one each of a new paint, hairstyle and furniture set (the Deluxe Kit will also be available for purchase separately)
  • As part of the Master Edition, a set of Monster Hunter: World and Iceborne together which will be available in both physical and digital form (the digital edition will be available for sale only upon release) and comes with the Yukumo layered armour set
  • As part of the Japan and Asia exclusive Collector’s Package, a limited edition which comes with a Velkhana figure, artbook, soundtrack, metal plate, and download code for Iceborne, the Deluxe Kit, and the Yukumo layered armour set
  • As part of the Master Edition Collector’s Package, which is the Collector’s Package with the physical Master Edition instead of the Iceborne download code

Capcom’s online store, E-Capcom also offers versions of all the non download-only editions that come with a companion Felyne stand that can hold up PS4 controllers and other things such as smartphones, and all purchases of Iceborne from the store will include a charm that depicts the Velkhana encased in a block of ice.

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Monster Hunter: World: Iceborne will be released worldwide for consoles on 6th September 2019, and on Steam in winter 2019



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