Famitsu has published the results of a survey conducted with over 1400 respondents on what Japanese gamers wish to see in the next Playstation console in its latest issue.

Roughly 75% of respondents were between ages 20-49, and over 90% were male.

The first question, was regarding what respondents are looking forward to in the next Playstation, the results of which were:

  • Backwards compatiblity (245 votes)
  • Superior graphics (205)
  • Improved loading times (205)
  • Lower price (172)
  • Diversity of game genre (116)
  • Improved sound (115)
  • Online services (99)
  • Improved VR (97)
  • Streaming services (63)
  • Other (172)

“Other” included responses such as “being able to also use it as a portable console”, “less censorship”, “the console being lighter and more compact”, and “more hard drive space”.

The second question was on whether respondents are planning on buying the next Playstation, the results of which were:

  • Yes (906 votes)
  • Undecided (451)
  • No (44)

Respondents who chose “undecided” mostly stated that it would depend on the console’s game lineup.

The third question was on what format respondents would buy games in, the results of which were:

  1. Physical (1002 votes)
  2. Digital (391)

The fourth and final question was on what sort of games respondents want to play on the next Playstation, and Famitsu lists a handful of responses, such as:

  • Improved virtual reality
  • A new “indie marketplace.”
  • A “PS VR 2” and big game to accompany it
  • PS1 classics
  • Voice controls

Current information on the new Playstation console is slim. What is currently known is:

  • Its name (whether or not it will be the “Playstation 5”) is undecided
  • It will not be released in 2019
  • Multiple development studios have already started work on things related to it
  • It uses 8 CPUs with AMD’s next gen Zen 2 CPU core architecture
  • It uses a custom GPU based on AMD’s next-gen Navi GPU core
  • It will support 8K
  • It will support ray tracing
  • It will have a 3D audio chip
  • It will have a special solid state drive
  • It will support physical media
  • It will support the current version of PS VR
  • It shares some architecture with the PS4

No release window for the PS5 has been announced yet.



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