JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment announced the forming of Victor Entertainment Games, and VEG’s first project, The King of Fighters for Girls, scheduled for a summer 2019 release on iOS and Android in Japan.

The King of Fighters for Girls is an otome game based on SNK’s King of Fighters franchise, and features an original story which has the player assume the role of a new female character who enjoys friendship and romance with KOF characters such as Kusanagi Kyou or Yagami Iori.

Aside from existing KOF characters, KOFG also introduces new ones, including Yomi (voiced by Furukawa Makoto) and Nagi (Hirakawa Daisuke) of the Shinsekai team.



Few details are available on actual gameplay, but is said to include elements of raising characters, and to have battles that are a simplified version of traditional fighting games.

The theme song King of Fire is a duet by Kyou’s voice actor Maeno Tomoaki and Iori’s voice actor Hoshino Takanori, and can be heard in the video linked above.

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  1. This is so fucking lame and frankly sexist to call it for GIRLS when its a shitty dating game, implying real king of fighters isn’t for girls.

    • It’s what the female fans in japan asked for, dipshit

      Damn idiot amerifats crying about games for a demographic not them in a region not their’s

    • The only thing it’s implying, you dimwitted moron, is that the title was thought up by non native english speakers.

      You’re just a racist asshole.

  2. Brenda, you are a moron for calling Spencer a racist, there was no racial comment made. Seeing as how you are the one that brought up race, that makes you the racist. Spencer, you are a moron for calling a game sexist for having “for girls” in the title. Sexism is degrading a sex, no sex was degraded at all, so you are the sexist one for bring sexism into this. Tsukikage…I agree with you.


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