Sega Games streamed a program, the first of a series of monthly streams, revealing new information on the upcoming Shin Sakura Wars on 26 June 2019.

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The stream featured official announcements on a returning character and vehicle, and several new characters.

Kanzaki Sumire (voiced by Tomizawa Michie) is a returning character from Sakura Wars 1-4. Former top star of the Flower Division, she is now in charge of the imperial theatre and puts all of her effort into rebuilding the Flower Division. She was the one who had Kamiyama transferred over to be the new captain of the division.


Shiba Reiji (Sugita Tomokazu) is an old rival and friend of Kamiyama’s who has known him since Kamiyama was in the naval academy. Kamiyama graduated top from the naval academy, while Shiba graduated top from the engineering academy. He serves as chief engineer for the Flower Division, handling development and maintenance of the various weapons, and also stage prop devices.

Rindou Kaoru (Ishikawa Yui) is Sumire’s secretary, and a member of the Wind Division. Intelligent, good with numbers, and with an exceptional memory, she has the full trust of Sumire, and helps out in the combat revue, the theatre, and in Kanzaki Heavy Industries. She also handles the theatre’s clerical, accounting, and fiscal issues. She is strict with the budget and can be frequently seen arguing with Ooba Komachi over budget issues. In battle, she supports the Flower Division from the command room or from the airship Shougei-maru.

Ooba Komachi (Shiraishi Ryouko) is a “super merchant” from Osaka. Cheerful and noisy, she runs the theatre’s store, which handles everything from newspapers and daily necessities to merchandise of the theatre’s stars, and is also in charge of obtaining things for the Flower Division, and is proud of how she can find anything she is asked for. In battle, she supports the Flower Division from the command room or from the airship Shougei-maru.

Shougei-maru is an airship that also appeared in previous entries in the series, and retains its role as a transport for the Flower Division’s mechs.

The stream also showed some gameplay of the story portions of the game, and of exploring the theatre. The returning LIPS dialogue system, which has players choose answers during conversations with time limits (with allowing time to run out also being a valid choice at times) was shown prominently.

The official website was updated with the new information from the stream, and it was announced that the next stream will be in July.

Shin Sakura Taisen will be released for the Playstation 4 in Japan in winter 2019, and in the west in spring 2020.



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