Aquaplus has revealed a teaser site announcing a new sequel to the Utawarerumono SRPG/tactical simulation series, showing art for the new game.

Official site:

The game features a new story with new characters, taking place in a new location, and the site has a short description of the story and profiles of the two main characters.

  • Akuta (voiced by Nakai Kazuya) is a man with a black mask who lost his name and memories, but has a strong heart and sense of obligation. Fearing nothing, he seeks to do what he can.
  • Minagi (Tanezaki Atsumi) is a girl called “princess” and had been toyed with by the inescapable fate of her clan, but her meeting Akuta results in her standing up against fate. She has a younger sister whom she thinks of dearly.

Originally released as a novel game with SRPG/tactical simulation portions for the PC in 2002, the first Utawarerumono was later ported and partially remade for the PS2 and PSP, and was also adapted as an anime and OVA. An HD remake was released for the PS4 on April 26 2018. Its sequel, released in two parts on the Vita and PS4 as Mask of Deception (which also got an anime series, The False Faces) and Mask of Truth in 2015 and 2016 respectively, with worldwide English releases in 2017. This new game will thus be the fourth game, and third instalment, in the series.


A musou-style action spinoff based on Mask of Deception, Utawarerumono Zan, was also released in Japan in 2018, with a western release scheduled for fall 2019.

The series takes place in a world roughly equivalent to 15-16th century Japan in technology and culture, with strong Ainu influences, that is constantly threatened by war.

All previous games in the series have had turn-based strategy combat, and the new game can be expected to follow in this vein.

No further details, such as gameplay details or platform, or release date, are as of yet available. More information is expected on 2 July 2019, when the website will be officially opened.

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