It was announced on the official Super Robot Wars Twitter account that Super Robot Wars V and Super Robot Wars X, both originally released for the Playstation 4 and Vita, will be released on the Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam).

Both games, and the one that came after them were also released in English, and though no official announcement has yet been made, it seems likely that the Switch and PC releases of V and X will also get English versions. (Frontline Gaming Japan has inquired with Bandai Namco Entertainment regarding this and has received the reply that confirmation will be available in 8-10 days)

It has been announced that V’s new release will contain all of the paid bonus scenario DLC (20 stages) from the previous versions, and that the PC version will support control via mouse and keyboard.

The Switch version of V will be released on Japan on 3rd October 2019. No release dates have been confirmed for V’s PC version, or X’s Switch and PC versions.



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A popular long-running robot anime crossover series, Super Robot Wars has had a long and tumultuous history when it comes to English-language releases. Despite beginning in 1991 with the first Super Robot Taisen for the Gameboy and being tremendously popular not just in Japan but also in the many other countries where robot anime from the 70’s and 80’s were exported to, the series never saw a release in English until the release of Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation for the GBA in North America 2006- Which was at that point four years old, on a handheld which had been mostly obsolete for two years. It did not help that OG is a series about the original characters used in the other games, with none of the licensed robot anime that form the series’ identity.

It was not until Super Robot Wars V in 2017- 26 years since the series’ conception- That a game in the main series finally saw a release in English, and even then it was only officially released in Southeast Asia.

The premise of the mainline Super Robot Wars series is simple: A strategy RPG featuring multiple robot anime series in an extravagant crossover that only the likes of Bandai could pull off. While many crossovers are satisfied with simply putting the characters in close proximity, SRW has turned crossovers into an art, with plots of different series intertwining and characters interacting so naturally that people unfamiliar with the source material sometimes get confused with which series they belong to.

The games also constantly make changes to the source material’s plots, allowing players to save characters who died in their shows, or redeeming antagonists, or even giving proper endings to series which were unfortunately unable to have their own.

Further information on Super Robot Wars V’s Switch/PC release is due to be released in this week’s Famitsu.

Super Robot Wars V was released for the PS4 and PSV on 23rd February 2017, while Super Robot Wars X was released for the PS4 and PSV on 29th March 2018. Both games were released in English in Southeast Asia.

The Switch version of V will be released on Japan on 3rd October 2019. No release dates have been confirmed for V’s PC version, or X’s Switch and PC versions. English versions for the PC and Switch versions have not yet been officially confirmed.



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