Code Vein producer Iizuka Keita and director Yoshimura Hiroshi discuss the game and its development process in an interview in the 10th October 2019 issue of Famitsu. Iizuka was previously an assistant producer on God Eater 2: Rage Burst, while Yoshimura is the series director of the God Eater series.

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The interviewer says that Code Vein is a difficult game, and asks the two if they have any advice for novice players. Yoshimura says that players who are having problems should raise their levels; as the player’s level also applies to the AI buddy companions, this results in both the player and their buddy growing stronger. He also says that the game is based around fighting alongside the buddy, and becomes considerably harder if the buddy is defeated, meaning that the player should also take time to consider how to protect their buddy. Iizuka adds that upgrading equipment is also an option, and Yoshimura says that raising levels makes the player hardier, while upgrading weapons makes the player do more damage. Iizuka recommends that novice players should focus on raising their level in the early game, and move on to upgrading equipment after getting used to the action.

Yoshimura says that the game becomes a lot easier once the player upgrades their equipment and learns skills from multiple Blood Codes, and that mastering the character building system makes the player extremely powerful. He says that he is sure that players with builds that do things they did not anticipate will show up.


They next discuss the multiplayer features in the game. The joining player does not bring their buddy with them, but the host player’s buddy does remain, which means that three characters participate at the same time. Yoshimura notes that the host’s buddy helps both players, and that Gifts also have effects on both players at the same time, and that there are no demerits to a host using multiplayer to clear a dungeon.

The interviewer next asks about the post-game. Yoshimura says that the default new game plus option makes enemies stronger with each playthrough, and that they also made the level design to work in subsequent playthroughs, and recommends players trying to see how many times they can clear the game. The game also has multiple endings, and he says that he hopes players see all of them. He says that while enemies only grow gradually stronger in the second and third playthroughs of the game, they get much stronger from the fifth playthrough onwards, and he calls this a challenge from the developers. There is also a new game plus mode which does not make enemies stronger, which he says is for people who just want to see the other endings and do not care for a challenge.

The two are next asked about post-release updates. Yoshimura says that they plan to make balance adjustments and other changes depending on what players ask for as much as they can, and Iizuka says that while he cannot reveal the precise details yet, they are considering various types of content for players to enjoy as well.

Finally, the interviewer asks the two if they have anything to say to the fans.

Yoshimura says that he is truly glad that they are finally able to release Code Vein after over five years of development, and thanks the people who have been looking forward to it. He hopes that players do everything there is to do in the game, and emphasises on how exploration is important, saying that players who explore every nook and cranny will surely be able to feel the game’s message, and he hopes that each player will find their own experience and story.

Iizuka says that he is glad that they are able to deliver Code Vein, and that while they put a lot of features into the game, the one he hopes players will enjoy the most is the exploration alongside their buddies. He says that each buddy moves and thinks differently, and will be a reliable companion to the player. He says that Code Vein is a starting point for a new title, and hopes that they will be able to build on it alongside the players from hereon.



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