The tourism department of Nagasaki Prefecture has published a collaboration website with the video game Ghost of Tsushima, which takes place during the Mongolian invasion of Japan in the Kamakura period, following a lone samurai fighting against the invaders.

The website goes into detail about the history and geography of Tsushima seen in the game, while also showing present-day sightseeing spots, activities and food.

The website is currently only available in Japanese. Additionally, Japan is currently subjecting a large number of countries to a travel ban due to COVID-19; these countries include the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


Tsushima is an island to the west of mainland Japan, considered a part of Nagasaki prefecture. Seeing 680,000 visitors a year, the island is a somewhat popular tourist destination, especially for South Koreans due to its proximity to the Korean peninsula. Attractions are primarily historical and cultural monuments such as shrines, temples, and the remains of castles, and nature-related attractions such as mountains and flowers.





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