Nayuta no Kiseki

The 12/31 2020 issue of Famitsu includes an interview with Nihon Falcom CEO and producer Kondou Toshihiro regarding the newly-revealed Nayuta no Kiseki: Kai, a current-gen HD remaster of the 2012 PSP game Nayuta no Kiseki.

The interviewer starts out expressing surprise at the announcement, and asks what lead to a remaster of Nayuta no Kiseki. Kondou says that while the game was acclaimed, it was only available on the PSP, and they had been constantly getting requests, especially from overseas, for a current-gen release.

The interviewer next asks about the fan theory that Creha from Nayuta is the Grand Master of Ouroboros of the Trails series, and Kondou laughs and says that they are completely unrelated.


Kondou talks about the release next, saying that in addition to converting the game to HD, they are also improving the visuals in general, and also made some new event scenes making use of these. They are in the final phases of development, and he looks forward to the game’s completion.

When asked about what he thinks to be the game’s greatest appeals, Kondou says that he thinks it is how the game is full of more traditional game elements, like collecting things, and says that the development staff was comprised of people who like such games.

Finally, Kondou is asked for a message for people who might be interested in the game, and he says that unlike other games in the Trails series, Nayuta no Kiseki’s world is made to stand on its own. He says that you can have a taste of many things in just one game, and that there also many stages that you can go on playing after clearing the game, giving it a flavour different from games that are part of series. He hopes that people will give it a try.

Nayuta no Kiseki: Kai will be released for the PS4 in Japan in 2021 (tentatively “before summer”)


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