Final Fantasy X 20th Anniversary SurveyThe Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu conducted a survey regarding Final Fantasy X to commemorate the game’s 20th anniversary, with the results published in the 7/29-8/5 2021 issue. The survey was conducted from 6/25-6/30 2021. Not all surveyees answered all questions.

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The Surveyees

2751 people participated in the survey, of which 1918 were male and 780 were female (53 did not specify a gender).


Number of surveyees per age group are as follows:

  • 19 and below: 159
  • 20-29: 932
  • 30-39: 1170
  • 40-49: 394
  • 50-59: 64
  • 60 and above: 19
  • Not specified: 13


Favorite Characters

Surveyees were polled on their favorite characters.

Final Fantasy X - Tidus and Yuna
Main characters Tidus and Yuna ranked highest in the poll
  1. Tidus (651 votes)
  2. Yuna (619)
  3. Auron (601)
  4. Rikku (286)
  5. Jecht (196)
  6. Lulu (120)
  7. Wakka (89)
  8. Kimari (68)
  9. Other character(s) (65)
  10. Seymour (30)
  11. Cid (5)
  12. Braska (3)

Favorite Lines

Surveyees were asked for their favorite quotes in the game. (As the survey was conducted in Japanese, on Japanese players, voting for choices from the Japanese dialogue, we have listed translations of the original Japanese dialogue as opposed to localized versions which would not reflect the versions the surveyees voted for)

Final Fantasy X - Auron
Auron’s “This is your story” was players’ favourite line of dialogue in the game
  1. Auron “This is your story, and no-one else’s.” (185 votes)
  2. Tidus “I want to tell the whole story. After all, this might be the last chance.” (146)
  3. Jecht “You’re gonna cry, you’re gonna cry, I know you’re gonna cry! See, you’re crying!” (142)
  4. Yuna “Please remember the people who have passed on, even if only from time to time.” (119)
  5. Auron “It’s time for you to decide whether you give up and die, or fight against grief to live! Time for you to move the story as your heart tells you to!” (112)
Favorite Tracks

Surveyees were asked for their favorite pieces of music in the game.

  1. Zanarkand (786)
  2. Suteki Da Ne (283)
  3. A Fleeting Dream (216)
  4. Fight With Seymour (63)
  5. Assault (35)
  6. Jecht’s Theme (31)
  7. Thunder Plains (26)
  8. Hymn of the Fayth (26)
  9. Movement in Green (21)
  10. Spira Unplugged (19)
Most Impressionable Minigame/Side Event

Surveyees were asked for the minigame or side event that left the strongest impression on them (not what their favorite was).

  1. Blitzball (597)
  2. Lightning dodging (451)
  3. Catcher Chocobo (217)
  4. Chocobo racing (104)
  5. Butterfly hunt (22)
  6. Monster arena (14)
Favorite Party Combination

Surveyees were asked for the party combination they liked the best.

  1. Tidus, Yuna, Auron (696)
  2. Tidus, Yuna, Rikku (244)
  3. Tidus, Wakka, Rikku (227)
  4. Tidus, Auron, Rikku (169)
  5. Tidus, Wakka, Auron (155)
Most Impressionable Enemy

Surveyees were asked for the enemy that left a strongest impression on them (not what their favorite was). Enemies with multiple forms had them consolidated into one.

Final Fantasy X - Seymour
Amongst the many enemies, Seymour left the strongest impression on players
  1. Seymour (627)
  2. Jecht (259)
  3. Yunalesca (232)
  4. Sin (101)
  5. Braska’s Final Aeon (89)
Favorite Moves

Surveyees were asked for their favourite moves in the game, including Overdrives and Aeons. It is noted that votes were split between the various Aeons, resulting in none in the top ten.

Final Fantasy X - Blitz Ace
Blitz Ace was the most popular move amongst players
  1. Blitz Ace (406)
  2. Quick Hit (174)
  3. Attack Reels (80)
  4. Mix (71)
  5. Jecht Shot (61)
Free Comments

Surveyees were asked to freely comment on FFX.

  • “A great story and great characters, music, and world. It was the perfect game. It’s my favorite of all the numbered FF games.” (Male/40s)
  • “I recently played the remaster and was excited to find that I was as moved as I was back then. If anything, being an adult made me understand more depths to the story. The more I think about FFX the more incredible it feels. It makes me think they might never be able to make an FF this good. I’m looking forward to FFXVI though!” (Male/20s)
  • “It was the first game to make me cry, and I love the story, characters and music. I was amazed at the beautiful cutscenes, thrilled by the story, and engrossed completely. It was here that I first learned of many of the voice actors, and I feel happy when I see that they’re still active. It influenced me greatly me in my youth, and I’m sure that I’ll continue loving it in the future.” (Female/30s)
  • “The idea of not simply giving up and accepting established values, and doubting them, influenced me greatly back then. It’s a game that has remained precious to me throughtout my life.” (Female/40s)
  • “I replayed the remastered version in high school, and it helped me to understand the characters and dialogue more than when I first played it in elementary school. I had been drifting apart from my father at the time, but looking at Jecht made me realise that no father really hates their children, and I was able to grow closer to my father as a result. Now that I’m an adult, I drink together with him every week.” (Male/20s)
What Players Want From A Sequel

Finally, surveyees were asked what they would like to see in a sequel to FFX.

  • “A prequel with stuff like Lulu’s past, or Braska’s journey.” (Female/20s)
  • “I’d rather have an alternate version of Jecht’s story with a happy ending than an X-3.” (Male/20s)
  • “If there’s a continuation to Tidus and Yuna’s story, I’d like to see it. But I would like to enjoy it as a story, not as a game.” (Female/20s)
  • “I’d like to explore the prospering Zanarkand that Tidus is from.” (Female/30s)
  • “X-2.5 was a huge shock to me, so I’d like a story where Tidus and Yuna can be happy. Also it’d be nice if Auron could be in it, if only just a bit.” (Female/30s)

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