Getting the Blue Reflection: Second Light true ending can be confusing, but we’re here to help you figure out how to get to it.

Blue Reflection: Second Light True Ending
(This screenshot is from the prologue, not the ending)

This article contains spoilers for Blue Reflection: Second Light and assumes that you have already seen the normal ending to the game; turn back if you haven’t cleared it!


Players who have cleared the game for the first time might have felt that the ending was a bit unsatisfying, and wonder if there’s an alternate, better ending. There is!



The Credits Sequence

Blue Reflection: Second Light - Credits
The credits are supposed to run no matter what: Not getting them is a bug!

First of all, if you didn’t get the credits sequence: This is a bug in earlier versions of the game. The credits sequence is part of the ending too, and really changes the impression the player gets, so you should go back and take a look. Pressing the confirmation button to skip dialogue during the final conversation can trigger this bug, so let the dialogue play out on its own. Some players have said that changing the difficulty level before triggering the final conversation can also prevent it from happening.


The Normal Ending

Blue Reflection: Second Light - Ending
The normal ending has Ao still stuck in the loop, and ends by showing the starting point of the loop

You always get the normal ending for the game, in which Ao remains trapped in the time loop alone, on your first playthrough. This is the ending which ends with you seeing Ao’s silhouette dropping her phone. There are multiple versions of this ending depending on which character you chose at the end, but the ending itself remains the same on your first playthrough no matter what.


The True Ending

Blue Reflection Second Light ending
The clear save lets you carry forward a “wish to reunite” (in the Japanese version) to your next playthrough – This unlocks the true ending!

Getting the true ending is both simple and difficult: You just have to load your clear save, and clear the entire game again. That’s what the last, suspicious-looking entry on the clear save info screen was alluding to. Like the normal ending, there are multiple versions of this ending depending on which character you chose at the end, but the ending itself remains the same.

Unfortunately you don’t get to keep everything in NG+: You do keep all of your Fragments and database entries, but each character only keeps half of the total TP they obtained, and everything else (like levels) is reset.

So, what if you don’t feel like playing the game again, and want to know what happens and if the true ending is worth it? Or you just want to know what happens in the true ending? Keep scrolling for big spoilers below:









(Keep scrolling down for details on the true ending!)












What Happens in the True Ending

Blue Reflection: Second Light - True Ending
The characters reunite with Ao in the new world in the true ending

In the normal ending, the character you chose at the end is heading towards the school, then senses Ao and turns around, but sees nothing behind her. You then see a scene of Ao’s silhouette dropping her phone.

In the true ending, the scene with the silhouette is removed. Instead the character sighs, but then turns around again to see Ao standing there behind her, and runs towards her. This entire sequence has no dialogue, and lasts less than thirty seconds, but with Ao somehow having managed to escape the loop, it is a definitive conclusion and proper happy ending to the game.

Is it worth playing the entire game a second time, though? Well, that’s entirely up to you. The game is certainly great, but even someone who loves it might get heartburn from going through the exact same stuff twice in a row.


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