Pochi Tank - Metal DogsKadokawa Games revealed in a press release that post-apocalyptic dog action game Metal Dogs, which is coming to console (Switch and PS4) on April 8 2022, is getting vehicle-like equipment like tanks and cars for its canine player characters.

The designs are based on the Metal Max series’ “Pochi Tank”, a miniature actual working tank for dogs to use, but taking a closer look shows that the ones in Metal Dogs are made out of cardboard, hence “vehicle-like”. Bonanza the the bulldog is shown with a “Pochi Car” instead of a tank.

The Pochi Tank and other unique cosmetic equipment can be obtained by collecting Dog Tags, which are rare loot drops from enemies, and trading them in via the exchange menu in the shop.

Store-exclusive bonuses available in Japan have also been revealed, and can be perused on the official website.


Metal Dogs is currently available on Steam Early Access, and will be released for the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch on 8 April 2022

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