Metal DogsKadokawa Games has announced that Metal Dogs, currently in early access on the PC (Steam), will be released for consoles (the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4) on April 8, 2022.

Metal Dogs is the first spin-off game in the Metal Max series, commemorate the series’ 30th anniversary in May 2021, and Kadokawa Games has stated that with the console version of the game, they are aiming to create a casual action game that will appeal to a wider range of players.

Japanese physical release details

Metal Dogs Console ReleaseRegular edition early purchase bonus: Limited first edition reversible cover

The underside of the game case’s cover has a “bonus visual” thanking fans for their purchase of the final project of the Metal Max 30th anniversary. (The bonus visual design has not been revealed yet)


Limited edition: “Wanwan-derful Edition”

A limited edition with “wan-derful” bonuses is planned. (“Wan” is the Japanese onomatopoeia for a dog bark)

The bonuses are as listed below:

Metal Dogs Limited Edition

  • “Wan-derful tote bag” (External bonus)
    This tote bag is included when the limited edition is purchased from a store.
  • Wan-derful dog house” (Special box)
    A special box for the limited edition with a design based on the dog house used as a home base in the game.
  • “Wan-derful metal CD case” (Frisbee style)
    A metal CD case designed to look like a frisbee containing the Metal Dogs special soundtrack CD and the set of three special coasters.
  • “Metal Dogs special soundtrack CD”
    The soundtrack includes not just the new tracks made for Metal Dogs, but also the other familiar tracks from the Metal Max series that were newly arranged for the game. The CD also has a color label with sprite art of the three dogs.
  • “Set of 3 Metal Dogs special coasters”
    Three special coasters featuring the dogs in cute poses. (The designs of the coasters have not been revealed yet)

“Let’s Rock’n Roll! 3 Cool Combat Dogs”

The main characters this time are three dogs!

Metal Dogs is a one-and-only casual action game where cute dogs run around shooting weapons they carry on their backs.

Metal Dogs is the first spin-off in the Metal Max series, and serves as a prequel to Metal Max: Wild West (Switch/PS4), which will be released in 2022.

The genre is not the usual RPG, but “shooting action”, which lets a wider range of players enjoy the game casually.

Metal Dogs - PochiNo 1 – Pochi the Shiba Inu
An adorable and brave Shibu Inu with prick ears and a curly tail.
A versatile combat dog that could be called the protagonist of the game.

Metal Dogs - BellNo 2 – Bell the Doberman
A Doberman with a beautiful coat and a slim body.
Its beautiful legs are an indication of how agile this dog is.

Metal Dogs - BonanzaNo 3 – Bonanza the Bull Dog
A bulldog with a slightly stocky but gentle-looking appearance.
Its tough body makes it good at enduring long battles.


Just keep shooting! Three distinctive types of weapons inheriting Metal Max series tradition

Metal Dogs - Machine GunMachine Guns
Machine guns have low accuracy and range, but high fire rates and fast reloads. High grade machine guns have especially impressive firing rates. Best used to sap away at monster HP at close range.

Metal Dogs - CannonCannons
Cannons have long range and high firepower, but low ammo counts and long reload times. There are three different kinds: The normal cannon has the greatest firepower of the three weapons types, the Burst type has higher fire rates, and the Spark type fires shells which deal AOE damage.

Metal Dogs - Special Equipment - MissileSE (Special Equipment)
Weapons with varying firepower and ammo counts, some of which can inflict status effects. Their reload time is the longest of all three weapon types.
The most common type of Special Equipment is the missile type, and there are also special damage types such as one which deals fire damage over time.

Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!
Each dog can equip up to three weapons, and so the player must mix and match the three dogs with the three weapon types to match the quests they undertake.


Sick of slaying dragons? Have mechs and bio-monsters and giant life-forms!

The game is filled with tough monsters including the Metal Max series’ traditional “Wanted” types. These monsters are just as tough as they look.

Metal Dogs - Elite Giant AntThe Elite Giant Ant summons its kin!

Metal Dogs - Elite Reaper TankThe Elite Reaper Tank rains shells on the player while calling for companion tanks!

Metal Dogs - MukadelonWanted Monster “Mukadelon”
A huge obstacle in the early parts of the game. The boss attacks the dogs alongside copies that it summons. Its charge attack leading into a spinning poison attack and powerful missile attacks are especially tough to deal with.


Take a good look at your dog! View Mode and numerous cute costumes implemented

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View Mode allows players to take their time and look a their cute dogs, allowing the player to rotate and zoom in on the dogs with their loadouts equipped. There are also multiple photo frames.

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A hardworking laborer look, a cool and stylish look, a vacation style, and other costumes are available. Some special equipment might even make fans burst out laughing!


Steam Early Access version updated to version 0.3.0 TODAY (3 December 2021)

Metal Dogs, which is currently in Early Access on Steam, was updated to version 0.30 today (3 December 2021). A test version of View Mode has been implemented, and several new costumes have been added.

Steam page:

August 2021 Early Access trailer:


Release info


Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4
Genre: Shooting Action
Release date: 8 April 2022
Price (inc. tax): 3900 yen (regular edition), 7480 yen (Limited Edition “Wanwan-derful Edition”)
CERO Rating: Pending
Publisher: Kadokawa Games
Development: Kadokawa Games/24Frame
Licensing and supervision: Kadokawa Games
Copyright :©2021 24Frame Licenced by KADOKAWA GAMES


PC (Steam)

Platform: PC (Steam)
Languages: Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean
Release date: In early access now
Price (including tax): 2380 yen
Publisher: 24Frame
Development: Kadokawa Games/24Frame
Licensing and supervision: Kadokawa Games
Copyright:©2021 24Frame Licenced by KADOKAWA GAMES


Metal Dogs official website:
Metal Max 30th Anniversary Website:
Official Twitter accounts: Metal Max Official – @metalmaxxeno / 24frame – @co_24Frame
Steam page:


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