Wonder Festival 2022 [Winter] was held on 6th February 2022 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. Typically held twice a year, in winter (early February) and summer (late July), the pandemic resulted in postponed and canceled multiple times, making this the first time in two years since winter 2020 that the event was successfully held.

Official website:

Wonder Festival 2022 Winter

What is Wonder Festival?
Wonder Festival is an event dedicated primarily to “garage kits”: Scale model kits made out of resin in small quantities, many of which are produced by hobbyists. Popular subjects of garage kits include characters and vehicles from anime, movies, tokusatsu, and of course video games. The nature of these kits being produced in small quantities by hobbyists means that many cover niche topics. The event also has an area dedicated to companies displaying their latest and upcoming products (covered in this article).



Frontline Gaming Japan went to Wonder Festival 2022 [Winter] to bring you photographs of the event, which will be uploaded in multiple parts. In this part, we take a look at the corporate area, where companies display their latest and upcoming products.

Wonder Festival 2022 [Winter]
Wonder Festival 2022 [Winter] – Corporate area
Dark Souls and Sekiro figures from ACTOYS

Video game statues and dioramas from Figurama Collectors

Weapons for cosplay and life-sized Monster Hunter meat from Eisen

Sonic and Shadow from S-FIRE

New action figures from Kaiyodo

Charagumin kits from Volks

Vlockers and Vlockers Fiore kits from Volks

Life-sized weapons, magic circles and more from Takumi Armory

Five Star Stories resin kits from Volks

Old Starship Troopers and Patlabor kits from Kaiyodo

Atelier Ryza 2 statue from Spiritale

Blaster Tekkaman Evil and Blaster Tekkaman Blade from Sentinel

Blaster Tekkaman Evil and Blaster Tekkaman Blade from Tekkaman Blade - Sentinel
Blaster Tekkaman Evil and Blaster Tekkaman Blade from Tekkaman Blade – Sentinel

Dioramas from Kaiyodo Figure Museum


What is seen here is of course only a fraction of what was on display at the event. Check out more of our coverage at the event here!

Don’t forget to check out the great cosplayers seen at the event:

Genshin, Touhou, Arknights, FGO and other great cosplay at Wonder Festival




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