Kadokawa Games has announced details on the contents of the season pass for upcoming mecha SRPG Relayer (PS5/PS4), which will be released worldwide (Japan included) on 24 March 2022.

Official website (JP):

The season pass, which will be priced at 2000 yen in Japan (equivalent to USD$17), will be available for purchase on 24 March alongside the game itself, and is included in the digital premium edition of the game. The contents of the season pass are as follows:

  • Relayer Spinoff Stories: Three fully voiced side stories (To be released in April 2022)
  • Stellar Gear NEXT units: Upgraded versions of the Stellar Gears (mechs) used by Terra, Sun, Mercury and Uranus, with different looks and stats. (To be released from May-July 2022: Terra in May, Sun and Mercury in June, and Uranus in July)
  • Sparkle series set: A set of six Sparkle type weapons. (Available on release, and only available from the season pass)
  • GT Lab custom chip set: A set of 6 custom chips based on the GT Lab members. (Available on release, and only available from the season pass).


Obtaining the season pass either by purchasing it or the digital premium edition of the game will give the player immediate access to the Sparkle weapons and GT Lab custom chips, while the spinoff stories will be released in April, and the Stellar Gear NEXT units will come after from May to July. The Sparkle series and GT Lab custom chip sets will only be obtainable from the season pass, and will not be available for purchase otherwise.

Note that the early access available to download version pre-orders, which allows purchasers to play the game on 21 March 2022, does not apply to the season pass: The Sparkles series set and GT Lab custom chip set will be available to early access players on 24 March 2022.

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