Kadokawa Games has announced details on the contents of the large update for mecha SRPG Relayer (PS5/PS4), set for 28 April 2022.

Relayer is a tactical RPG (SRPG) which depicts an epic space adventure in which mankind comes into conflict with a mysterious extraterrestrial force.

Gear Customization

The update adds a new customization system for the game’s Gears, unlocked after clearing stage 14. The player can upgrade each Gear’s boosters, generator, arms, body, frame, and condenser up to ten levels. Fully upgrading everything on a Gear unlocks a bonus, and also changes the Gear’s appearance, turning them into a “Final Form” version.

Upgradeable parts:

  • Boosters: Increases AGI
  • Generator: Increases TEC/SCH
  • Arms: Increases ATK/G-ATK
  • Body: Increases DEF/G-DEF
  • Frame: Increases HP
  • Condenser: Increases SP


QOL Changes

In addition the the gear customization feature, the update also adds makes several QOL upgrades:

Skill effect toggle: Effects for skills can be toggled on and off in the options menu, with passive and active skills each having their own option.

Save/load at the briefing menu: The player can now save and load at the briefing menu shown after story sequences and before the stage starts.

Deploy button at the briefing menu: In addition to being able to deploy with the Options button on the controller, an in-game deploy button has been added to the briefing menu.

Unobtained weapons listed in library: Weapons the player has not obtained are listed as “???” in the library.

Time in sleep mode not counted: Time spent in the console’s sleep mode is no longer counted in the game’s playtime.


Balance Changes

Enemy AI routines changed: While enemies would previously not move until engaged or a player unit was in range, the update revamps the AI entirely so that enemies will advance regardless. The player will thus have to prepare for enemy attacks and avoid getting overwhelmed, leading to more emphasis on tactical decisions.

Evol weapons purchasable: The Evol weapons, which were previously only obtainable from the battle simulator stages, can now be purchased from the store once the player reaches chapter 4 of the game.

Other Fixes

Evol Bit made obtainable: The stage 19 battle simulator’s treasure chest’s loot has been changed from an Evol Anchor to an Evol Bit. This combined with the Evol weapons being purchasable fix the issue which made it so players would not be able to obtain all of the weapons in the game and the corresponding trophy.

Issue with Star Blessing fixed: An issue where the Star Blessing passive skill would activate at above 25% HP has been fixed.

Buff/Debuff turn extensions fixed: An issue where buffs and debuffs would not get turn extensions when at max level has been fixed.

Big Bang gauge EXP issue fixed: An issue where units do not obtain EXP when using skills that use the Big Bang gauge has been fixed.

Halley’s MOV+1 fixed: An issue where Halley cannot equip the passive skill MOV+1 has been fixed.



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