This article contains spoilers for AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative

Nirvana InitiativeIn AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative, one of the protagonists, Ryuki, occasionally has mental breakdowns in which he speaks in garbled dialogue, presented audibly as scrambled noise and in text as mojibake.

Many players have speculated that this text could be decoded to something with meaning.

Several anonymous users on 5channel’s AI thread have decoded the text, and reported that it is in fact in Japanese. In this article, we have the decoded Japanese text and translations for your perusal.


The mojibake text in Ryuki’s dialogue each time he has a breakdown (the text remains the same) says:







Translated, and with punctuation added for clarity, this says:

Break (it). Fray (it). Achieve moksha. This is a fictional, illusory world.

Awaken, everyone. (It is) time for revolution. Open the gate of truth.

Who am I? Where is this? What time is it? (Who) are you?

I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know…

Break this virtual space, and liberate (me) from this false world

Help me. Help me. Help me…


There are also other cases of mojibake text in the game. One is seen early on, in the objectives of the first psync.

These objectives are unfortunately mistranslated in the English version of the game. Both objectives A and B are supposed to say the exact same thing once the text is restored, but the English version removes the → from the end of the mojibake text making it harder to decode, and also mistranslates both lines in different ways.

The mojibake text says “事件のこと”, meaning that both objectives say the same thing: “事件のことを思い出させろ”, which translates to “make (him) recall the case”. The subject of the sentence is Ryuki: Mizuki is using the psync to try and get Ryuki to recall the details of the case. She is not remembering the case herself, or “reminding them” of it.

Tama also has lines in mojibake text after entering the name of the culprit in the first psync. When decoded, they say “龍木?龍木?しっかりして!” and “龍木!”which translates to “Ryuki? Ryuki? Get yourself together!” and “Ryuki!”.













Finally, the first part of the secret ending to the game has mojibake text as its chapter title and summary.

The chapter title says 胡蝶之夢, meaning “dream of a butterfly”, referring to the Zhuangzhi story also mentioned in the game. This is simply the same title as the second part of the ending in Japanese. (This was changed in the English version to “All This Happened, More or Less”, however.)

The summary reads:


Which translates to:

“Hatan Hyakushutsu (A Japanese idiom meaning that everything goes wrong with something, with problems and frays constantly appearing)

On the other side of the walls of the president’s room… There was a strange space… Shigure was there… She asked… How did you know of the Nil Number… That was information that Ryuki could never have ever possibly known… A clear logical inconsistency… Shigure says that this brought about a massive fray… As a result… Shigure achieved moksha… Everything that happened was for this… No… Everything that will happen… Over six years… All of it…”


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This article was originally published on 29th June, 2022



  1. came here from reddit
    >article is ‘Ryuki’s cryptic dialogue explained’
    >it explains it, including the parts that were translation errors because that’s what an explanation is
    >braindead retard Hitei00 ‘hurrrrrr, why the article feels the need to rip apart the translation’

    I don’t know, better question, why do brainlets like Hitei00 feel the need to whine like this whenever a translation error is ever pointed out? Is it that retard Amerishits can’t handle the idea that their shitty English version is the inferior one? Because that’s fucking pathetic. And ‘rip apart the translation’ all it does is point out what it’s supposed to mean, white boi.

  2. Hitei00 is such a fucking retard

    >Both games have had issues with typoes and subtitles not matching the voice lines. Yes it’s an issue but its less “Localization was bad” more “left hand not talking to right in production”

    No, it’s more “there was no oversight, no editors, no basic fucking quality control at all”.

    >the eyeballie thing is once again simply an issue with two different groups not communicating properly.

    see above, dumbfuck

    >Also, I’m not even sure Maruko -> Marco is actually the intended localization. I only recall seeing his name in text 4 times, and only once was it rendered as Marco, every other time it was Maruko.
    maruko is a girl’s name you dumbfuck amerishit, that’s the whole point of how bad the translation is

    >All that said you have to be intentionally trying to poke holes in an otherwise fine bit of localization to think that the “them” in “Remind them of XXXX” isn’t referring to Ryuki,

    Mizuki isn’t reminding him of it you ESL retard, she doesn’t fucking know anything about the case so how could she remind him of something she doesn’t know? kys retard

    worthless piece of human trash


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