Relayer DLC season pass 2

Dragami Games has announced details on the contents of the second season pass for mecha SRPG Relayer (PS5/PS4), set to be released on 25 August 2022.

Relayer is a tactical RPG (SRPG) which depicts an epic space adventure in which mankind comes into conflict with a mysterious extraterrestrial force.

Season Pass 2 includes the next 13 Stellar Gear NEXT DLC to be released from August to November 2022.


The release schedule for the contents of the season pass are listed below:

  • 8/25: Galaxy Star NEXT
  • 8/25: Comet NEXT
  • 9/29: Al-Jauza NEXT
  • 9/29: Epsilon NEXT
  • 9/29: Zeta NEXT
  • 10/27: Neo Mars NEXT
  • 10/27: Amatsu-Mikaboshi NEXT
  • 11/24: Selene NEXT
  • 11/24: Feretrius NEXT
  • 11/24: Quadriga NEXT
  • 11/24: Tenmu Asuka NEXT
  • 11/24: Dog Star NEXT
  • 11/24: Trident NEXT

Season Pass 2 will be released alongside the first two, Galaxy Star NEXT and Comet NEXT.

Update (22 Sep 2022): Screenshots of Al Jaura NEXT, Epsilon NEXT, and Zeta NEXT have been added to the gallery. The three units will be released on 29 Sep 2022.


Details on the first season pass can be found here:

Mecha tactical RPG Relayer season pass details announced




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