Relayer, previously released for the PS4 and PS5 on 24 March 2022, will be receiving a free update on 18 November 2022 that will improve the UI, add new features, and add new high difficulty stages with story content.

Improved UI
The new Luminous Line UI improves visibility

The battle UI has been refined: Character and weapon icons have been shrunken down, movement and attack range is now displayed as “luminous lines” instead of a grid which improves visibility and allows for a smoother experience. The player can switch from luminous lines back to the old grid display via the options menu.

The player can choose from the new Advanced UI, or the Classic UI based on the original release from the options menu. The Advanced UI makes it easier to determine attack and movement ranges, improving the player’s experience. The Classic UI uses the same grid display as the original release, allowing players to experience the game as before.

Story recollection mode implemented
The player can go back to view any story sequence in the game easily with the Recollections mode

A Recollections mode has been implemented that lets the player replay story sequences, including the sequences shown when obtaining the DLC NEXT Stella Gears. This allows the player to easily look back at the story, or go back to story sequences they might have accidentally skipped. Additionally, some story sequences in Relayer Advanced have been shortened in order to streamline the experience, but using the recollection mode allows the player to view the full versions of the story sequences.

New endgame content
The player faces off against the Phantoms in the wormhole stages

A high difficulty mission comprising of 5 stage, “The Trial of the Wormhole,” is added in Relayer Advanced. These new stages are even harder than the previous Asterism Voyage Logs postgame stages, perfect for players who want to be pushed to their limits, but are also balanced to be easily cleared in Easy Mode for players who just want to see the story. A new mysterious enemy, a Phantom, who looks just like Terra appears in the story here.

PC release

This update makes the console version of Relayer match Relayer Advanced, the PC version of the game released on Steam on 27 October 2022 and GOG on 10 November 2022. More details on the PC version are available here:

Mecha SRPG Relayer coming to PC via Steam & GOG as Relayer Advanced



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