Update (13 May 2024): A trailer for One-inch Tactics showcasing the gameplay has been released.

The original article (published 26 April 2024) follows below:


Kogado Studio has announced a new turn-based strategy game, One-inch Tactics, which is to be released on Steam on 20th May 2024, in Japanese and English.

Kogado Studio gained a reputation in the early days of PC gaming in Japan with tactical simulation games, and One-inch Tactics is an attempt to return to the studio’s roots.

Though a deep and challenging genre, one problem that tactical simulation games have traditionally faced is how they are seen as complicated and difficult to understand by players who are not familiar with the genre. As such, One-inch Tactics was developed to focus on the essence of strategy games, namely formulating tactics and predicting the enemy’s next move, removing fluff that would needlessly complicate the experience.

The game attempts to simplify the genre to make it easier for such players to start playing, while also having high difficulty stages for long-time genre aficionados.

One-inch Tactics is presented like a board game, using hexagonal tiles like many traditional skirmish wargames, in which the player takes control of a single squadron in the midst of a conflict on an island, and is charged with pushing back the enemy and taking back a captured fortress.

No further details on the story, setting or characters were provided, and one could draw certain conclusions from the screenshots and the mecha being used in the game. However, we have been informed that One-inch Tactics is not related to any past games by Kogado, and is a standalone title.

The game will have two modes: Campaign mode, in which the player completes stages in succession, and Single Mission mode, in which the player chooses individual missions to clear, which is unlocked upon clearing Campaign mode.

In order to make it easy for the player to understand the system, One-inch Tactics limits the number of choices, such as in equipment. Similarly, the early missions in the game are kept simple to help the player understand its systems.

While the game is simplified compared to traditional games in the genre, however, that is not to say that it is simple: Players will have to make use of line of sight, cover, and terrain features.

The game also has diverse missions taking place in different sorts of terrains, and the player will have to change their squad’s equipment and make use of the different pilots’ abilities to adapt.

One-inch Tactics will be released on PC (Steam) on 20th May 2024

Title: One-inch Tactics
Release date: 20th May 2024
Price: 2500 JPY
Platforms: PC (Steam/Windows 11)
Languages: Japanese, English
Game size: 20 stages (Campaign mode/Single Mission mode)
Official website:
Official X account:
Steam page:

Planning/Production : KOGADO STUDIO
Executive Producer : Ippei Tani
Producer : Takanori Kitagawa, Chizuru Fukuke
Program : Kazuma Funayama
Production Manager:Keisuke Kawai
Graphic Supervisor: Kohei Yamada
3D Model Production: PUNKT
2D Graphics: Yasuki
Galactor Design: Arisa
Music: Yasuhito Saito



  1. Can’t help but notice that there are ZERO (0) reviews of this game. Guess they didn’t send review copies out, which doesn’t bode well at all…. Can’t blame them, looks like low budget shovelware lol


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