It was announced on the official Super Robot Wars Twitter account that Super Robot Wars V and Super Robot Wars X will be released on the Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam).
Atlus Japan streamed a program revealing new information on the upcoming 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim on 18th July 2019.
The latest issue of Famitsu includes new information on Persona 5 The Royal.
Dear My Abyss stands as an amazing piece of weird fiction, with enough Lovecraftian elements to please fans while also putting enough of its own twists in to make it stand as unique.
While the Super Robot Wars T Expansion Pack is in itself not overtly badly executed, it is a sore fact that it quite simply fails to justify its 2500 yen price tag.
Aquaplus president Shimokawa Naoya talks about upcoming Utawarerumono smartphone game Lost Frag and the future of the series, including a console title.
Nihon Falcom and Dengeki Online held a 2-hour-long talk show to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Kiseki (Trails) series in which Falcom president Kondou Toshihiro looked back at the series up till now, and discussed its future.
Aquaplus has opened the official website for Utawarerumono: Lost Frag.
Sega Games revealed new information on the upcoming Shin Sakura Wars on 26 June 2019.
Aquaplus has revealed a teaser site announcing a new sequel to the Utawarerumono SRPG/tactical simulation series.